Psychology for Kids & Teens

(or the parent reading this page)
Able to identify their strengths and use them when needed
Happy and calm
Able to cope Able to bounce back after being hurtwith stress and other adversities
Performing well at school
Fit and Healthy
Able to initiate and maintain good friendships
Adhering to Boundaries set by you or teachers



Face 2 face or eCounselling Sessions


We use a family-centered approach and involve Parents or Grandparents through supportive guidance and therapy to maximize the change you want to see in your child or teen.


We support kids and teens in a playful way building their capacities and skills to tackle common and not so common intellectual, behavioural and emotional challenges.


It is important to us that you and your children feel very comfortable, safe and supported in the process of counselling.








(AGE 2-3)





(AGE 12-18)   


(AGE 18-25)


We work with parents coping to adopt new routines and adjusting to parenthood.

Age appropriate play, sibling rivalry

Peer & sibling interaction, sharing and communication / social skills

Bullying, friendship difficulties, shyness

Bullying, friendship difficulties, peer pressure

Workplace issues inc bullying


Taming tantrums, fears

Helping kids process normal emotions such as sadness and anger.

ADHD, Anger management Anxiety Childhood Abuse, Grief and loss (Parental Separation, loss of a parent, grandparent, sibling or pet)


Anger management, Anxiety, Depression Moody to Mood disorders,

Childhood Abuse,


Anger management

Childhood Abuse



Cognitive development

Assess learning difficulties /  learning potential IQ

Memory or organisational difficulties

Exceptional learning gifts, coping with boredom and being different, Coping with a parent that has a mental illness or drug addiction

Learning difficulties / disabilities, Coping with a parent that has a mental illness or drug addiction



Coping with a parent that has a mental illness or drug addiction



Setting age appropriate boundaries

Help parents, carers and teachers to manage behavioural difficulties

Setting age appropriate boundaries. Helping kids to comply with Boundaries

Setting age appropriate boundaries, Helping teens to comply with Boundaries



Keeping kids safe in stable environments

Developing coordination and early learning skills

o Life transitional issues (changing schools, Grade 6 to Yr 7, moving house, puberty) Chronic Pain or coping with health issues


o Chronic Pain or coping with health issues


o Chronic Pain or coping with health issues



Other unusual behaviours not otherwise mentioned.


Other unusual behaviours not otherwise mentioned.


Other unusual behaviours not otherwise mentioned.


Other unusual behaviours not otherwise mentioned.


Other unusual behaviours not otherwise mentioned.



How will counselling benefit my kids?

Counselling for Children and Adolescents can assist young clients to talk through and better understand the problem(s) in a safe and friendly environment. We support young clients to develop and use healthy coping skills, learn strategies that promote resilience, identify and use their character strengths and find solutions that work for them. We also support parents grandparents and teachers with effective strategies that helps the child or adolescent in the desired change.



Even children and teens have their own pre-conceived notion of what it means to see a Psychologist. From experience they might believe they have to lie down on a chaise and tell us everything they’re thinking, like they’ve seen in movies.


They can have a look at the photos at the bottom of this page and get a sense of what our clinic and counselling rooms look like.  We encourage parents to talk about seeking assistance as a helpful way to cope with problems or stress, just as we would seek professional advice from a doctor if we were unwell. Similarly we let kids talk, draw play or complete activities with targeted strategies to help them to feel better.


Often parents are more nervous than the kids they bring into the clinic and you might want to sit in the first counselling session with your child. This is fine with us. Teenagers usually like a bit more space and therefore to work effectively we encourage participation in the first session to get an accurate idea of what is happening for your teen, but after that it’s likely we will see the teen on their own. This helps to develop rapport and trust between the Psychologist and the teen and also for the teen to develop a sense of personal responsibility for his/her life and therapeutic outcomes. 



(The APS 2015 recommended fee is $278/45-60minute consultation. Nasihah’s fees are as below.)



50min (concession card)






Cognitive or IQ Assessments


Careers Assessment

From $600.00


From $350.00



Payments for psychological counselling appointments must be made by cash at the time of the appointment.  We have EFTPOS facilities for your convenience.  Payment by credit cards will attract a 2% surcharge.


BULK BILLING may apply for health care cardholders. This will be left to the discretion of your Psychologist at the time of the first appointment.


Making an Appointment

  • Call the clinic by phoning (03) 9351-1166. Our receptionist Maryam or Lutfiye will ask your name and a contact phone number. If you are able, please briefly state the nature of the problem you wish to address so we can allocate you to the most appropriate specialist within our clinic.
  • They will also ask you whether your child has a referral from their GP, which is called a Mental Health Treatment Plan (2710). This referral is optional and can depend on eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, the Medicare rebate will substantially reduce your out of pocket cost for our service.
  • The reception staff will also ask whether you are seeking counselling or assessment under any paid health scheme such as VOCAT (Victims of Crime), TAC, Workcover, Private Health Insurance, Legal Aid or another organisation. If this is the case the supporting documentation that states your eligibility will need to be faxed to the clinic prior to your first appointment. Fax: 9351-1165.
  • The reception staff will arrange a time for your first appointment. It is expected that you will be seen by a Psychologist within a week or 2 of first contacting the Clinic.



Within our culturally and linguistically diverse team we Turkish speaking counsellors who are experienced working with Children & Teens.


Other face2face services include Group Programs (hyper link to FREE WORKSHOP page)


iSHINE: A Self Acceptance Program for Girls


iSHINE: A Self acceptance therapy group for young Women to overcome Depression & Anxiety


iSHINE BetterParenting: A training Course helping parents to be confident in being a role model and setting Age-appropriate Boundaries with Kids.


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Schools: A program to promote personal growth after sadness A process for teachers, parents and students following a critical incident or a traumatic situation connected to a community.