Psychology for the School Community

(Staff / Students & Parents)



Able to identify their strengths and use them when needed
Happy and calm (as much as is feasible with 25+ students under your care)
Able to cope with stress and other adversities 
Able to bounce back after disappointment  
Performing well in your teacher role             

Fit and Healthy                                                                                          

Effective team-players                                                                           

Students adhering to Boundaries set by teachers                          



Teacher Professional Development Program 2015-16


Our workshops are run onsite at your school or organisation. If your school is interested in any of the recommended topics for staff professional development, please contact our office to speak with a consultant.



The Work Wellbeing Program I & II  This 2-part workshop series covers effective welbeing practices to teachers, also addressing the symptoms of fatigue and burn out.  Compassion fatigue (caring too much to one’s detriment and being in a work environment is counter-productive to health and wellbeing. Workplace wellbeing programs drive employee satisfaction and performance and are ideal as a regular feature on any schools professional development calendar.


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Schools: A program to promote personal growth after sadness: A process for teachers, parents and students following a critical incident or a traumatic situation connected to a community. Traumatic events include but not limited to helping students cope if another student or staff member in the school community passes away, coping the aftermath of a bushfire, an accident near or on school property, incidents involving racism and bigotry specifically targeted to students attending faith based or culture specific schools.  


Boundaries with kids. Helping kids to say yes & no when needed to have better control over their lives. Teaching children lessons for life, increase impulse control and emotional regulation. Teach the fundamental principle of assertive behaviour so children can meet their own needs and respect the Boundaries of others in their lives.


A Strengths-based approach to building Resilient kids Help children to identify their character assets to face adversity and achieve their goals. Great for and group oriented class tasks and team building at the beginning of the school year.





Counselling Services Referrals can be made directly to the clinic. Go to page Child & Adolescent page for a list of specific services and for a list of common problems we work with in children and adolescents.


Psychological Testing including Cognitive Assessments for students with comprehensive, tailored & usable Psycho-Educational Reports

Large numbers of students can be tested to identify learning difficulties or learning gifts.

Receive test results within days & psychological and educational reports within 2-4 weeks and sooner if a deadline looms.


Stuent Programs


iSHINE SELF ESTEEM PROGRAM FOR GIRLS: A Self Esteem building program for Girls (Grade 5-Year 10)


YOUTH INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE PROGRAM: This is a 2-4 day program focused on giving young people aged 16-22 the skills necessary function in a globalised multicultural world. 






BetterParenting: A 6 session training course helping parents to be confident in being a role model and setting Age-appropriate Boundaries with Kids.


Please submit enquiries via our enquiry form, or contact the clinic directly on (03) 9351-1166.