Psychology for Women


Happy and calmer

Fit and Healthy                                                                                            

Assertive and setting Boundaries with unhealthy people                            

Accepting of yourself with all your vulnerabilities & strengths                   

In a meaningful relationship                                                                       

Clearer and less confused                                                                           

In a fulfilling job                                                                                            

Setting & achieving your goals. 

Being in tune with your body, your mind and the earth
Actualizing your potential for you and the benefit of the community


It’s pretty obvious, this is what most women want to have in their life. We know, as women working in the clinic, we want these things too. It isn’t wishful thinking. What you perceive to be huge, we break down into small achievable goals specific to what you want to see happen in your life.


You’ve relied on yourself, your own wisdom and the advice of others for some time, but the “Problem” keeps rearing it’s ugly head. By now it’s pretty bloody annoying, or at the bare minimum, pretty frustrating. 


In less time than it takes to make a Chocolate Cake, take a leap of faith and trust someone to help you make sense of the mess (in your head). We make the good bits, your Strengths and resources (yes you have Strengths!!) SHINE and clear out the MindJunk (unwanted thoughts, feelings & people). Helping women gain more control over their lives, establishing healthy intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships can be life changing.


It’s with this clear picture of you and your situation that you share with us, that we can work together to get you and your family going in the right direction.


Whether it’s feeling happier, calmer, less angry, less stressed, whatever you are doing right now is not working. It’s time to try something new.


Making the decision to seek the expertise of a Psychologist, we know is a gutsy but proactive step for many women and families. It’s an all too common scenario that women come in after holding a swimming pool worth of negative emotion (hurt, trauma, sadness, loss, anger, bitterness, guilt).


You HOPE change is possible. You’re at our website, that’s a great start. Believing that CHANGE is possible is the beginning to making change possible.


You want to feel in control of your emotions so that you are able to make better decisions for your health and your success (whatever success means to you). This is very achievable.


You want to be in healthy relationships, taking better care of yourself and those you really care about.  When you are healthy you maximise all other outcomes.



It is important to us that you feel comfortable, safe and supported in the process of counselling.



  • Not being able to say NO to the demands/requests of other people
  • Managing negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Developing confidence and being more assertive
  • Self Care
  • Low Self esteem (acceptance of self)
  • Work/ Life imbalance
  • Work & Financial Stress
  • Super-Mum Fatigue Syndrome (we made that one up, but we see it all the time)
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Trauma (Car accidents, witnessed or experienced violence)
  • Domestic Violence (Getting out, letting go and moving forward)
  • Problems at work (workplace bullying, glass ceiling, discrimination, harassment, collegial relationships)
  • Managing behavioral issues in children, adolescents or partners  ;)
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety (Generalised, Socially nervous, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Separation, Obsessive-compulsive, Post Trauma)
  • Moody to Mood disorders (Depression)
  • Weight Loss
  • Life transitional issues (Moving house or job, entering marriage or parenthood, big kids moving out)
  • Grief and loss (Marital or parental Separation, death of a loved one)
  • Eating Disorders (Starving self, excessive dieting/ exercising, binging followed by vomiting, body image issues)
  • Chronic Pain & medical health issues
  • Family Conflict (In-Laws, Parent/Adolescent, Siblings, Adult Child/Elderly Parent)
  • Drug and alcohol use or other addictions
  • Relationship or marital difficulties
  • Infertility, Family Planning, Pregnancy, Post Natal Counseling
  • Vocational & Careers Counseling

How will counselling benefit me?

Like most of us, we choose self-reliance and other forms of coping (healthy and harmful) until the problem gets worse, or we find ourselves in a bit of a crisis. For most people seeing a Psychologist is not the first strategy they choose in solving a problem, but we believe that you will come to view it as a rewarding and valuable investment of your time and energy & if you don’t we will give you a box of Australian-made NUTFREE chocolate as a token of appreciation for trying our service.


With the use of evidence-based positive psychological techniques and strategies, our experienced psychologists use a down-to-earth approach that will assist you or your child/adolescent to increase knowledge of self (mindset & character strengths) and healthy coping which are valuable psychological tools, essential for improving emotional intelligence, resilience and healthy living that maximise opportunities for resolving the problems that prompted you to consult with us.

Our approach to working with clients involves acknowledging and utilising your life experience, your intellectual and emotional assets and character strengths at a time when you might feel under-resourced and not able to cope.


Our approach acknowledges that despite how you feel (out of control, sad, depressed, anxious, angry, lonely, overwhelmed, guilty, tired, etc..), we will teach you that you already possess many strategies that have stopped the problem from getting worse. We will tweak your strategies or give them a major overhaul, depending on what’s needed to help you achieve what you want to see more of in your life (happiness, calm, peace, freedom, balance, healthy, love and wellbeing).

The counselling process provides for most clients insight about their situation and personal growth is an inevitable by-product. By sharing your story, we can assist you to sit with, process and let go of uncomfortable emotions and embrace the more positive aspects of your life. 



(The APS 2015 recommended fee is $278/45-60minute consultation. Nasihah’s fees are as below.)



50min (concession card)


Ph Appt or Skype 30min


Ph Appt or Skype 60min




IQ Assessments

From $600.00

Psych-Legal Reports

From $1100.00 (Will accept Legal Aid referrals)


Payments for psychological counselling appointments must be made by cash and we have EFTPOS facilities for your convenience.  Payment by credit cards will attract a 2% surcharge.


BULK BILLING may apply for health care card holders. This will be left to the discretion of your Psychologist at the time of the first appointment.


Making an Appointment

  • Call the clinic by phoning (03) 9351-1166. Our receptionist Maryam will ask your name and a contact phone number. If you are able, please briefly state the nature of the problem you wish to address so we can allocate you to the most appropriate specialist within our clinic.
  • They will also ask you whether you have a referral from your GP, which is called a Mental Health Treatment Plan (2710) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC). This referral is optional and can depend on eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, the Medicare rebate will substantially reduce your out of pocket cost for our service.
  • The reception staff will also ask whether you are seeking counselling or assessment under any paid health scheme such as VOCAT (Victims of Crime), TAC, Workcover, Private Health Insurance, Legal Aid or another organisation. If this is the case the supporting documentation that states your eligibility will need to be faxed to the clinic prior to your first appointment. Fax: 9351-1165.
  • The reception staff will arrange a time for your first appointment. It is expected that you will be seen by a Psychologist within a week or 2 of first contacting the Clinic.
  • PHONE COUNSELLING: if you are seeking a phone or SKYPE counselling session, please indicate this on the phone or via email.


 We have Arabic & Turkish speaking counsellors.

 We also have Muslim Psychologists for people preferring a Psychologist from a similar or shared faith background. 


Other face2face services include Group Programs (hyper link to FREE WORKSHOP page)


Sustaining Amazing Women in Leadership: A program designed for women in leadership positions incorporating principals of personal sustainability.


Women's Wellbeing Program: A therapy group for Women wanting to overcome Depression & Anxiety


BetterParenting: A training Course helping parents to be confident in being a role model and setting Age-appropriate Boundaries with Kids


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Schools: A program to promote personal growth after sadness A process for teachers, parents and students following a critical incident or a traumatic situation connected to a community.