Nasihah. Where you will find passionate, sincere and highly experienced Psychologists working along side you to create solutions, to achieve your wellbeing, relationship and life goals.


This is the space to find a supportive and down to earth team of Psychologists that motivate you to experience greater emotional wellbeing and or reduce the pain and discomfort in your life.

Seeking the expertise of an experienced Psychologist is not a sign of weakness or low faith but actually an advanced healthy coping mechanism.

We recognise the important role that identity (gender, age, generation, cultural and faith background) plays in how we see problems and how we apply solutions. Psychologists at Nasihah Consulting Group have extensive experience not only working with clients from diverse backgrounds, but also expertise in Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which is a framework that enables us to tailor psychological interventions that are the best fit for you. 

Delivering the most culturally competent Psychological service in Melbourne, it is important the our consultants acknowledge, respect and embrace the cultural scripts that are integral to who you are, towards your envisioned future. It is important to work with consultants that do not exaggerate elements of your cultural or faith background as the "source" of the problem, leaving you feeling stereotyped and alienated. And it is also important to work with consultants that do not minimise the role that gender, culture, faith, being a person of colour, being a person from a minority background or the intersection of the above, play in your life.

Your recovery and growth, positive head and heart space are our priorities.


What We've Achieved so far:

25,000+ hours of counselling 

We are thrilled to have worked with so many clients of different ages and backgrounds.

50+ not-for-profit organisations

As testament to our ongoing commitment to support the mental health and wellbeing of our local and diverse communities, we always keep our ear out to meet community needs by providing tailored solutions (Consultation, training and psychologists) to support small and medium size projects. 

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Multiple Publications

Fear and Anger: The emotional disruptors of intercultural connectedness. (2018). Tasmanian Peace Trust Lecture manuscript by Monique Toohey

Without You: Rising above the impact of an abusive relationship (2014). Nasihah Press by Monique Toohey


20+ Community wellbeing projects

We have managed and consulted on an array of community projects, from large-scale youth events, youth mentoring, mental health awareness, anti-bullying, anti-racism and resilience and capacity building projects. 


300+ organisations trained in cultural competence

Organisations seeking to work more effectively with their diverse clientele have accessed our expertise through both our public training programs and in-house training. We support organisations to develop cultural self understanding, before understanding others through the prism of culture and develop frameworks that will lead to inclusive and equitable practices.

Core themes we work with organisations on:

Mental Health service provision / Community engagement / Disability / Communications / Leadership in multicultural contexts. 

Monique Toohey, Principal Psychologist is also Lead Lecturer for the Unit, Cross-cultural counselling at the Australian Catholic University (Melb).

Dr. Senem Eren, Principal Psychologist & Partner is also Lead lecturer for Culture and Psychology at Ibn Haldun University (Turkey). 

Our Mission

We optimise individual mental health and wellbeing through the process of deep understanding of our clients in their cultural context and understanding the influence of cultural scripts derived from age, gender, ethnicity, place of birth, religion. Coupled with evidence-based psychological treatment, cultural competence is integral to restoring mental health and wellbeing.


Sustaining amazingly diverse people towards a healthy, peaceful and prosperous society.

our methodology

We facilitate client understanding of their cultural and unique selves to foster intrapersonal and interpersonal wellbeing which enable acceptance, curiosity and kindness towards the self and others. 

We believe in supporting clients to achieve alignment of their strengths and resources, and in doing so a client's expertise, lived experience and stories become tools of empowerment which can be used to resolve many of those niggling issues, right through to providing clients with relief from even the most stubborn of negative emotions and the most complex of situations. 


Nasihah Consulting Group  - Northern Psychology Clinic is located on the land of the Gunung-Willam-Balluk peoples and as such we would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians and pay our respect to their elders past and present. We would also like to acknowledge that this land was never ceded and of Australia's First People's rights to constitutional recognition. 

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