We are in the business of helping adults, parents and young people to identify strengths they never knew they had to work through challenges they didn't expect and to grow in ways they least imagined. 

No waiting lists. You can see one of our psychologist in the next 7 days

life challenges we work with

  • Depression
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Anger Management
  • Recovery from traumatic incidents
  • Recovery from family violence
  • Recovery from intimate partner violence
  • Recovery from sexual assault
  • Recovery from School & Workplace bullying
  • Job preparedness and career transition
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief, loss & bereavement
  • Parenting support
  • Assertiveness & boundary setting
  • Coaching to develop academic, career or other goals

counselling Services

  • Counselling for children & young people
  • Counselling for adults
  • Counselling for parents
  • Couple Counselling
  • Pre-marriage counselling
  • Divorce counselling (It's actually a thing!)

bilingual counselling services

  • Turkish speaking Psychologist available
  • Muslim Psychologists available


Individual counselling is $190 per session. Clients who present with a Mental Health Treatment plan from their GP will be eligible for a Medicare Rebate. 

Couple counselling and Pre-marriage counselling is $240 per session.

Private health rebates may also apply. 

Clients may also be able to access counselling sessions funded by TAC, VOCAT (Victims of Crime), Workcover, EAP program or the National Zakat Foundation.


Psychological Assessment services

A high quality psychological assessment and report conveys important information about your or your child's mental health, intellectual ability, your coping strategies and strengths and reports include recommendations for restoring your wellbeing or identifying other appropriate next steps. 

We write reports for:

  • VOCAT if you have made a police report after being a victim of a crime
  • For Court to help the legal system (Lawyers & Magistrates) understand your psycho-social context and mental health issues and the impact of traumatic incidents on you. 
  • IMMIGRATION lawyers may request a psychological report to assist the Dept Immi. & Border Force to better understand your exceptional circumstances and why it might be necessary to process a visa onshore or as a priority.
  • WORKCOVER after workplace injuries, including workplace bullying. 
  • TAC after road accidents
  • Cognitive or IQ assessments for Schools to assess for eligibility for support funding
  • Cognitive or IQ assessments for Employment agencies for eligibility for DSP support or NDIS support. 
  • Careers assessment reports for adults seeking to identify a meaningful career or career change

Fees for reports vary.

Please contact our clinic for specific information. 

Nasihah (Verb). To provide sincere advice or counsel.

”To sit in silence and reframe one’s thinking to the point of wisdom and only then articulate the truth”.

A word of Arabic language origin.
Also Nasihat (Verb). Advice. Turkish origin.
Also Naseeha (Verb). Advice. Indo-Malay origin.
— Monique Toohey - Managing Director & Principal Psychologist